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What You Need to Know About Pool Maintenance

Whether you’re a new pool owner, looking to buy or already have one sitting proudly in your backyard, you’ll want to ensure your pool is getting regular health checkups. Whilst the temptation might be to hire a professional, pool chores need not be such a burden. With a plan in place and all the right tools, pool maintenance will become second nature. That’s why this month, Master Pools of Austin are here to talk you through the basic steps of pool maintenance so that your pool looks great and is ready to use whenever you want.

Create a cleaning calendar

Knowing where to start can be tricky and trying to juggle tasks may mean that something gets missed. Split your pool maintenance tasks into daily, weekly and monthly activities, this will help to make easy work of keeping your pool in pristine condition.

Daily pool maintenance checks

  • Sweep and hose down – giving your pool deck and spa area a quick once-over with a brush or hose will quickly remove leaves and debris that may otherwise end up floating on your pool’s surface.
  • Skim your pool – whilst your pool will most likely have a skimmer pump built-in, it’s always best to do a quick swoop with a hand-held net to collect any debris that’s fallen into the water. What’s more, pumps can be costly to run, so this is an energy-efficient way to lessen the strain on the pump and keep it in good condition.

skimming leaves on a pool

Weekly pool maintenance checks

  • Empty skimmers – the landscape surrounding your pool will play a big part here. If you have trees that rarely shed leaves then you’ll only need to empty your pool skimmer once or twice a week. However, if you have large, shedding trees, it’s likely you will need to do this around three times a week. Skimmers are the built-in pumps that pull water into them, to empty, turn off the pump, take off the lid and retrieve the debris-filled basket.
  • Test the pool water – home pool testing kits are easy to source and extremely worthwhile. Unbalanced pool water affects both swimmers and a swimming pool, so it’s vital to monitor the water chemistry for pH and alkaline levels frequently throughout the week.
  • Shock the pool – as scary as it sounds, shocking your pool’s water is a routine job that’s easy to master, which kills algae, bacteria and chloramines that are living in your water. Pool shock involves adding a large quantity of chlorine shock to the water. Be careful to read all product instructions and make sure you calculate the correct amount to use, according to your pool’s dimensions. The best time to shock your pool is at night so that the chlorine isn’t exposed to powerful sun rays. You may also wish to carry out the process after heavy pool use or severe rainstorms or winds.
  • Vacuum the pool floors – as with most maintenance tasks this will depend on how much debris tends to collect at your poolside, but look to vacuum your pool at least 1-2 times a week. Areas to focus on include walls, ladders and corners, and any crevasses where dirt tends to gather.

vacuuming pool

Monthly maintenance checks

  • Clean pool equipment- the pump is the heart of the pool that’s responsible for circulating the water and has a shelf life of between 8-12 years. Be sure to inspect any breaks, loose parts or worn down sealants, as handling a small repair quickly could save you a costly job further down the line. Pool skimmers also require a thorough clean every now and then to ensure they’re working to maximum capacity.

testing pool chlorine

That’s the big pool maintenance tasks out of the way! Now you’re ready to reap the rewards. In the meantime, signs to look out for that your pool may need some further attention include:
– Water level – too high or low
– Water colour – green coloured water, especially lime green
– Water clarity – cloudy/stained water
– Residual chemicals – white powder at the bottom of your pool

Whilst sticking to the above maintenance schedule will help to keep your pool in check, it’s always best to do your research properly and to feel confident when working on your pool. Should you ever want to discuss your pool’s maintenance further, speak to your local pool experts. Master Pools of Austin are the leading company for swimming pool design, construction, maintenance and repair across Austin and the surrounding Texas area. To discuss any of our services further, simply contact our advisors and we’ll arrange a free consultation at your convenience.



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