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Signs That Your Swimming Pool Needs Remodeling

Spending time in the water helps you relax and unwind, having a swimming pool in your backyard offers you hours of uninterrupted fun on a daily basis. It is also a beautiful addition to your outdoor space. However, even the highest quality pools need a little TLC from time to time. If the design and chipping paint start getting under your skin, then you know it is time for a facelift. Watch out for the following signs and plan an upgrade in time.

Cracked Walls

If your pool has cracks on the walls, it is a sign of a severe underlying problem. It may be just a peeling problem on the surface of the concrete. However, sometimes, those cracks lead to leakages what can weaken the entire structure. The cracks may be due to poor structural design or the use of low-quality construction materials, and you will have to decide whether to re-tile or do a complete overhaul. Though minor repairs may fix the problem, the cracks will eventually begin to recur. Here at Master Pools of Austin, we meet with customers to determine the severity and cause of the cracking, before offering suggestions on repairs and maintenance to help find a solution to lessen the severity of the issue based on the quality of the local soil – we do this on a case-by-case basis.

Outdated Design

If you bought a property with a pool installed, then chances are it has been around for some time. The design may be out of style, or your personal preferences have changed over the years. If you are itching to get a new pool, then renovation is a perfect way to create your oasis. Remodeling gives you the freedom to add a touch of your personality. You can also add new features like a hot tub, new tiles, or get a different shape.

Requires Constant Repairs

If your pool has many problems, you should consider a renovation. For instance, if the walls have cracks, there is debris making the water unclean, the lights are broken, and the water is freezing. Bringing a professional to tackle all these problems and carry out all the repairs can add up and become very costly. Therefore, it will be more cost-effective to do a complete upgrade.

Needs Resurfacing

You know you need a facelift if the plaster on the surface of the pool is peeling. Plaster can last many years eventually may start to show their age. When plaster peels off, it can leave the surface exposed to chemicals. The damage will spread weakening the entire structure. Stains on the surface is also a sign that the chemical balance is off. You need to plan for resurfacing to maintain the beauty of the pool and its structural health.

Poor Energy Efficiency

A swimming pool built over ten years ago can raise your utility bills. The heating system may have outlived its useful years and may not be functioning correctly anymore. Installing a new pool may be a large investment up-front but will save you money in the long-run. Modern pools are not only energy efficient, but they are also eco-friendly. Therefore, pool renovation will help you lead a sustainable life with fewer energy bills.

Lacks Safety Features

An old pool requires additional safety to avoid injury, and families with kids need to ensure that their pool has safety features incorporated. If not, it is time to upgrade to a modern pool with VGB-compliant drains to protect your kids.

Here at Master Pools of Austin, we revive your tired old pools, breathing life into your backyard. Using the latest technology and designs, we bring your new remodeled pool to the cutting edge of design, making sure it also reflects the personality of your property. To discuss your concepts with our expert team, simply contact us today.



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