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The Ultimate Pool Buyers Guide

Buying a pool is more than just purchasing a finished product: it takes time, planning and professional execution. If you’re interested in investing in a luxury outdoor lifestyle, take a look at what Master Pools of Austin think is important for you to consider.  

Buying a pool

The scale, shape and location of your pool is one of the most important factors that you’ll need to agree on because the scale will dictate the shape you can have and thus, the location too. If you’re planning on a large pool, it’s much better off outside where you will be able to customize it with decking, patio designs, water features, plants, deckchairs, slides – you name it

Pool with deckchairs


How do I plan my pool shape and size?

Swimming pools come in all shapes and sizes but you must ensure that your yard is large enough to take on the pool size of your desires.

Shallow pools tend to have a maximum depth of 5 feet and they’re ideal for swimming lengths and water sports. Whereas, deeper pools are made for diving and will need to measure at least 8 feet deep. 

Pools can be a structured shape such as square, rectangle and oval, or they can be free-form. Free-form pools tend to look like outdoor ponds, offering a pool a natural look which seamlessly blends into any landscape. 


What pool materials should I choose?

The materials used to create your swimming pool, will depend on what shape of pool you decide on. 

  • Concrete – a fusion of concrete and plaster, concrete pools are an expensive option but are long-lasting and offer the ability for full customization. From any pool shape to waterfalls and steps, concrete allows for all.
    Concrete pools offer the primary advantage of being able to fit to any desired shape, which means whatever normal or imaginative shape you have in mind, a concrete pool can allow you to achieve your goals.
    Concrete pools are durable – more so than fiberglass and vinyl – and you don’t need to worry about sharp objects weakening or tearing the pool liners. Concrete pools can withstand more or less anything, so if your dog wishes to take a swim with you, they can, don’t worry about their nails damaging the concrete.
  • Vinyl – used for lining and can bring the overall construction costs down. Pools are built with a prefabricated frame which can be made up of either steel, metal or plastic and are typically strengthened with wall braces and concrete footings. Vinyl is easy to piece together and can still offer a spectacular finish, regardless of the shape and size. From mountain lake designs to a simple rectangular shape, vinyl pools work with most.
  • Fiberglass – customized to the shape of your pool, fiberglass shells are moulded into the selected shape, lifted by a crane and placed into the ground. Although fiberglass is 30-40% higher in price, it has a longer lifetime and requires less maintenance.



  • Diatomaceous Earth filters – inside this type of filter there’s a cloth-like material that’s been covered in D.E, a porous powder that traps small and unwanted particles as they pass through.
  • Sand filters – water passes through sand filters and holds dirt between particles, which means the pressure rises as dirt accumulates. When the pressure is high, the sand filter must be cleaned, so that the water can then pass through and be filtered adequately.
  • Cartridge filterslike the other filters, water passes through and is collected in a filter material. After a period of time, the cartridge filters are removed, washed and replaced. 


Why invest in pool heating?

After enjoying the summer sun, you may wish to extend the luxury of outdoor living, even part way into fall. To do this, you can choose between an electric heat pump, natural gas or liquid propane fuel heaters or a solar heater. Investing in a swimming pool heater is a great way to ensure a comfortable experience even when the temperature drops.


What should I do with the landscape around my pool?

Think about how you’d like to access to your pool and its overall practicality. You may wish to have a walkway that leads up to the pool, with half of it surrounded by foliage or have decking surrounding it completely. Either way, you’ll want to take a moment to think about getting in and out of the pool, seating areas and touches of decoration. You may have potted plants, stone decorations or fountains to balance your pool and landscape nicely together.


Master Pools of Austin is your local award-winning custom pool designers and installers, and are exclusive members of the Master Pools Guild. We have been hand picked by the network of elite pool builders because we’re recognized for our quality craftsmanship and excellent customer service. If you’re looking to make the most of outdoor living, contact our friendly team today and embrace your luxury lifestyle. 



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